Do you wish to help others? Then you would make an excellent community impact advocate at LIN. Joining this course gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Norwegian society; strengthen your skill set; engage in your local community; and expand your network. 

We are now looking for new Bridge builders. Sign up before March 29th to join us!

We offer this course in both Norwegian and English. The course will be held in English on Wednesdays 12.30pm-3pm from April 12th to June 21st. The same course will be held in Norwegian on Tuesdays 12.30pm-3pm from April 11th to June 20th. Upon registration, please note which language you prefer.

By attending the Bridge builder-course, you will increase your knowledge on Norwegian society and worklife, get new friends and help others. You will learn about labor law, job seeking, volunteering, the Norwegian health system, personal finance, domestic violence and your rights in Norway. While learning more about the Norwegian, you can share your knowledge with others who are new in the country.